Children What Do You Know About The Führer


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Thus, Adolf Hitler was raised under the tender care of his mother and the stern, watchful eye of his father, thirteen years old. Then a great misfortune occurred: In a short period of time, his father and mother died, and the boy was left completely alone in the world. He was forced to earn his bread himself. ‘I want to become something decent!’ he said and set off with a small suitcase full of clothes, but with a strong belief in his heart for his homeland.

First, he arrived in the magnificent capital of Vienna, which with its old beautiful buildings seemed to him like a wonder, thousands and one night. He wanted to become a builder. For that, he had to attend a special school and learn a lot. This cost money. And this money he had to earn himself.

So, he first became a laborer on a construction site; he had to carry stones, mix mortar. During this time, he became hard and tough like steel. In this time, because he himself was poor, he learned to understand the poor people, to whom he now offers his full strength to help.

*Known Issues: Pages 13&15 have some text bleeding into the page numbers in the top right corner. This issue is due to a conversion from .indd to .PDF. The issue does not affect readability of the overall book. But due to the issue the price of the book will be reduced from $64.99 to $54.99. This issue has been resolved for future productions of the book. 

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