Feueradler Vintage Ad (19x13inch Horizontal)


Product Description


  • Paper Weight: 255gsm – Traditional photo lab paper weight/thickness
  • Thickness: 10.4mil
  • Paper Size: 19x13inch
  • Coating: State-of-the-art microporous coated
  • Color: Bright warm white
  • Printable: One side only – no printing on back
  • Type: Resin Coated

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In a world where speed is king and power is paramount, behold the Feueradler, the epitome of automotive masculinity! With its sleek lines and roaring engine, the Feueradler commands the road like a true king of the asphalt jungle. Feel the raw power pulsating beneath the hood as you grip the wheel and unleash the full force of its mighty engine. This isn’t just a car – it’s a symbol of strength, dominance, and unbridled speed.

Step into the driver’s seat and experience the thrill of pure muscle in motion. From 0 to 60 in mere seconds, the Feueradler leaves all others in its dust, a testament to its unrivaled speed and agility. Whether tearing up the open highway or dominating the racetrack, this is the ultimate expression of automotive prowess. Join the ranks of legends and conquer the road with the Feueradler – Gas, Gas, Gas!

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 4 in



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