Michael By Joseph Goebbels


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Venture into the tumultuous mind of Michael, a character emblematic of a young Joseph Goebbels, through this enthralling diary-style novel. As a returnee from the Great War, Michael finds himself amidst a freshly democratic Germany, stirring in him a maelstrom of patriotism and resentment. His journey wrestles with these conflicting sentiments and delves deep into his personal philosophy and ideological framework.

The narrative powerfully illuminates the Völkisch ideals that influenced Goebbels in the formative stages of his political life. It paints a portrait of a man in reverence of Christianity, extolling Jesus as one of history’s finest figures. Interestingly, it provides a snapshot of Goebbels’ early leanings towards socialism, suggesting Germans should embody ‘Christ Socialists.’

In a nuanced exploration of divinity and contemporary man, Goebbels presents the modern man as an inherent God-seeker, possibly a ‘Christ-man.’ While the book sheds light on Goebbels’ residual adherence to Christianity, it underscores its unique interpretation, which diminished further post the unsuccessful church reform program of 1934-35.

This captivating story provides an insightful look into the psyche of one of history’s most notable political figures during a period of tumultuous change. It’s an exploration of the human struggle between love for one’s nation and disdain for its trajectory, all while grappling with deep-seated beliefs and philosophical musings.


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