This Time The World by George Lincoln Rockwell


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Presenting the intensely candid autobiography of the founder of the American Nazi Party, this riveting volume showcases George Lincoln Rockwell’s personal account from his earliest days to his ultimate transformation into a controversial political figure. Born into a humble family, Rockwell chronicles his journey from an ordinary childhood and his university years to serving as a US Navy fighter pilot during the high-stakes era of World War II.

This is not merely a chronicle of a life, but a deep exploration into a man’s ideological metamorphosis. From his initial shift towards conservatism, Rockwell gradually finds himself drawn to National Socialism, guided by a breadth of evidence that he found compelling. This volume provides an unparalleled view into his thought process during this transformative period.

Embedded within these pages are also the intimate details of Rockwell’s personal life – his two marriages, the highs and lows of his relationships, and the struggles he faced. One pivotal moment stands out – in 1958, penniless and solitary, Rockwell dared to raise the swastika flag in his Arlington, Virginia home, marking the inception of the first overt National Socialist party in America post-1945.

Rockwell’s charisma and conviction struck a chord with a surprising number of American voters, with him securing 5,730 votes in the 1965 Virginia governor election. Further testament to his rising popularity, a public rally in Chicago drew a crowd exceeding 3,000 in 1967. However, his increasing influence also stirred deep opposition, and it was to no one’s surprise that he was tragically assassinated shortly after the publication of his second book, ‘White Power.’

This compelling autobiography offers a startlingly direct account of a controversial figure and his ideologies, making it an essential read for those fascinated by political history and the extremes of human belief.

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