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A: Ansuz

Communication, Insight, Truth, Wisdom

B: Berkana

Birth, Beginnings, Personal Growth, Liberation

C: Kenaz

Torch, Revelation, Knowledge, Creativity, Inspiration

D: Dagaz

Day, Dawn, Break-through, Awareness

E: Ehwaz

Horse, Transportation, Partnership

F: Fehu

Money, Wealth, Luck, Abundance

G: Gebo

Gift, Love, Generosity, Marriage, Partnership

H: Hagalaz

Hailstorm, Loss, Destruction, Change

I: Isa

Ice, Standstill, Block, Challenge

J: Jera

Year, Harvest, Peace, Rewards

K: Kenaz

Torch, Revelation, Knowledge, Creativity, Inspiration

L: Laguz

Water, Sea, Lake, Flow, Renewal

M: Mannaz

Self, Mankind, Culture, Friends

N: Nauthiz

Need, Necessity, Hardship, Delays

NG: Inguz

Fertility, Growth, Common Sense

O: Othala

Goddess, Property, home, Plenty

P: Pertho

Pawn, Magic, Mystery, Feminine

R: Raido

Wagon, Travel, Journey, Destiny

S: Sowulo

Sun, Strength, Energy, Health, Success

T: Tiwaz

Honor, Justice, Leadership, Authority

TH: Thurisaz

Thorn, Change, Catharsis

U: Uruz

Strength, Power, Courage, Ox

V & W: Wunjo

Joy, Success, Peace, Pleasure, Followship

X & Z: Algiz

Elk, Protection, Shield, Life, Self Defense

Y: Eihwaz

Yew Tree, Stability, Strength, Reliability, Enlightenment


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