The Basic Ideas of National Socialist Racial Policy By Dr. Walter Groß

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“Walter Gross was born in Kassel. In 1925, while training as a physician, he became a member of the NSDAP. He was appointed leader of the National Socialist German Doctors’ Alliance in 1932. He wrote several books on the subject of the “Jewish Question”. In many respects, he implemented the views of Alfred Rosenberg. In 1933, Gross was appointed to create the National Socialist Office for Enlightenment on Population Policy and Racial Welfare, which was designed to educate the public and build support for the sterilization program and other “ethnic improvement” schemes through the 1930s. This was termed “enlightenment” rather than “propaganda,” because it was not a call for immediate action but a long-term change in attitude. In his first year, he published fourteen pamphlets for racial education. In 1933, he founded a mass-market glossy magazine, Neues Volk, which achieved wide popularity. At the beginning of the war, his pamphlet You and Your Volk urged the soldiers to think racially. Gross died in combat operations against the Red Army, which had already penetrated the Berlin city area, on 25 April 1945, in his private residence in Berlin-Schlachtensee.

“Our last principle is that the people on this world, in America, Africa or China, are different both in body and soul. They are not equal, as yesterday’s lie had it. People are different. They not only speak different languages and look different: No, they are different in the depths of their hearts and natures, and in their abilities for good and evil.” – Dr. Walter Groß”

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1 review for The Basic Ideas of National Socialist Racial Policy By Dr. Walter Groß

  1. Stephen Kimball

    S.K (verified owner)

    This book arrived well packaged of course. The binding appears to have some extra glue that is attached to the spine causing web like substance to appear as you open the book which pulls the paper stack to one side. The cover is unique and has a matte finish, the two tone front and back complement each other well. The Invisible Empire logo at the bottom of the spine does not line up with my other 3 I.E. books, of which 2 match and one doesn’t, making 2 different placements. These are small differences but enough for me to notice, as I am a noticer. I am happy with purchase since the issues here could be on the single book I received.

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