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April 20th Gas Gas Gas!

This game will be a free download

Game description:

An alone but proud White man is on the run, pursued by system pigs in a city filled with degeneracy, jewish propaganda, general decay and filth. He must evade the system pigs while causing as much damage to his surroundings as possible… with style

In Game Items

  • Gender Fluid Barrels
  • Time Power Ups
  • Custom Created Trash

Map (WIP)

Demo Map Name: New Jew York City

  • Map is an inspired version of New York City with more Degeneracy than ever before. The map is covered in trash, graffiti, and roaming the streets are your everyday mental disorder citizens who like most are lost and randomly attack you. The map includes interesting areas to explore and many things to destroy on your path to victory! 

Enemy AI

Rainbow cops who patrol and chase you on sight


Game Mechanics

White Power Points:
When Genderfluid Barrels are hit player receives a point.

Countdown Timer:
Game begins with 60 seconds on the clock.

Levels are unlocked when a map is successfully completed.

New unlockable vehicles can be purchased using White Power points (Not yet Developed)

Power Ups:
Spinning Swastikas:
Yellow: +1minute (Large)
Purple: +30 seconds (Small)
Pink: Shlomo Time +1

Shlomo Time:
Hotkey is pressed activating a 10 second slow mo effect aiding the player to angle his vehicle towards ramps and objects.

There are currently 3 radio stations that play music upon hitting the proper hotkey to turn on the radio, cycle the radio, and turn off the radio. Music that is currently added and in use will likely not be the music found in the demo release.

Win Condition
When player hits all Gender-Fluid Barrels before timer runs out player will win the game and move on to the next level.

Release when?!

A Demo is likely to be ready in Nov-Dec 2024

How can I support the effort?

Donation or Poster Purchase will help us achieve our goals!

2 thoughts on “April 20th Gas Gas Gas!

  1. Will you guys have a beta testing?

    Can one join

    1. At this time, we do not have any plans for beta testing. We will be releasing a Demo game for all to play and test. From there we will collect feedback and then make changes to the game. This is also not the only game we plan to make.

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